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A person who is always excited on Thursday night because the next day is Friday. This person may sit up a little later on Thursday because shit, tommorow is Friday and even it they are a little tired on Friday, they generally get an extra burst of energy at the thought of having two days off. This person usually has a good day on Friday and may even be able to put up with a little extra bs, just because its the weekend and they are sooo looking forward to it. This person also generally begins to look forward to Friday on Monday when they arrive at work and on Friday's they usually countdown the hours until they get off
Angela on Monday morning: Hey girl, did you have a good weekend?
Me: Is it Friday yet???
Angela-You're such a Friday person!!!


Tom: It's late, don't you have to work tommorow? What time are you going to bed?

Me: Well I figured since tommorow is Friday, I would catch Family Guy at 11:30 or shop on Ebay for a little while

Tom: Oh, I forgot you were a Friday person

Me: "I can't wait til 2:30, that's when the weekend begins
Boss @ 2:25-"I need you to make 100 copies of these 3 sheets for Monday?"
Me (thinking to myself) "She betta be glad its Friday"

Me @ 12:30 p.m.-Whew...two more hours
Me @ 1:30 p.m.-Oh, yes, one more hours
Me @ 2:25 p.m.-DEUCES!!!!


Me: Damn, it's 6:00 a.m. already? I just went to bed at 4:30! Well, at least its Friday and I can catch a nap when I get off and sleep in on Saturday
by Sxe_chocolate September 10, 2009
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