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Friday, ahhhhh sweet friday. End of the week. And as we all know, Fridays are pants optional days!
"Streaker" Bob yelled, "Bam, I got shot!"
"Don't worry Fridays are pants optional!"
"And medikare will help, if you pay Bush!
by Homefrog February 19, 2004
A word for a white individual, because everyone loves fridays, and everyone loooooooves white people!
Opposite of mondays
Yay for fridays!!
by Big Kahk January 23, 2009
1. Fry-day, A day to smoke up some nice herb and forget all of your troubles.
2. Also known as a synonym for weed.
1. Hey man its Friday, time to get fridayed and go to the water park.
2. "Got any Friday?" "Nah man, won't have any until Friday" "Bummer"

1&2. Friday on Friday/Fry-day!!!
by apocalyptic July 13, 2006
Friday is an acronym
Frequent Reboots Invoke Doh's And Yikes
My compute crashed again. It's friday.
by froolap April 16, 2010
FRI (endly) DAY
friday is the last day of the working week! followed by saturday
by billy bob frog May 30, 2007
1. Asian person, especially asian woman.
2. Opposite of Monday
Everybody loves Fridays.
That Friday's pussy was so tight.
TGIFs = Thank God I'm Fucking a Friday
Opposite of Mondays.
by Patrician Whitman September 12, 2014