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An awesome state of half-friendship, half-relationship with all of the perks of a relationship with none of the obligations.
Ben's frelationship with Karina rocked because they didn't have to stress.
by benbenhotep January 24, 2009
the gray area between frienship and a relationship, used by all those who are too clueless/confused/unaware of what is really going on to distinguish between the two
Jill: Oh I'm hanging out with Jack this weekend.
Jenny: Oh are you two going out?
Jill: I'm not sure. It's a frelationship. I can't really tell.
by lauren4444 April 30, 2006
a lesser or more innocent version of "friends with benefits" but with no potential progress and the added tag of "were just friends".
"What's up with you and Johnny?"
"I don't really know, we've just been flirting and kissing lately"
"Sounds like you've fallen into a frelationship."
by honeysaeb January 29, 2011
Friendly relationship in which 2 people are scared to commit to each other, but they enjoy all the benefits of a relationship.
Tess and Leith have been in their frelationship for almost 2 years now...I wonder when they'll finally come out and admit their undying love for each other.
by T@R December 26, 2006
the words "friendship" and "relationship" put together into one word
susan: i think you're a jerk
megan: in that case, we need to talk about our frelationship
susan: ohh. okay.
by sare412 June 08, 2009
A frelationship is when two friends start dating, but instead of acting like they are in a relationship nothing really changes between them. These situations usually end with one of the two actually starting to have feelings for somebody, thus the frelationship just goes back to a regular friendship. There isn't a messy break, because there never really was anything in the first place.
Cassidy: Are you and Dane going out?

Emma: Yes, but it's not that serious.

Cassidy: So, it's more of a frelationship then?

Emma: Exactly.
by Cullfe March 28, 2009
A friendship between two different relationships.
Lindsey&Eddy / Lexi&John would be the cutest frelationship.
by Xoxo__meow June 17, 2013
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