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Whack of until you unload.
After watching the cheerleading trials, I had to run home and rub out a fatty
by T@R December 26, 2006
Greenish/yellowish smelly snot that usually appears when you have a sinus infection.
Tim almost gagged at the whiff of his own nose-chum.
by T@R December 26, 2006
Friendly relationship in which 2 people are scared to commit to each other, but they enjoy all the benefits of a relationship.
Tess and Leith have been in their frelationship for almost 2 years now...I wonder when they'll finally come out and admit their undying love for each other.
by T@R December 26, 2006
What a womans vagina looks like right after banging her while she is on the rag.
Sheesh, Kelly had a wicked vampire bat pussy after I finished fucking her.
by T@R December 26, 2006
State in which your dick is neither hard nor flaccid...It resemble the firmness of a loaf of bread.
Wow, after watching that hottie Rosie O'Donnell...I was sporting a pretty sweet sofa loaf.
by T@R December 26, 2006
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