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A fake relationship is when you or your bf\gf is not actually interested in you or you are not interested in them. People do this for many different reasons, the number one being they just like the attention. Or maybe the reason is that you were friends on the before hand and one did not want to hurt the other, but fails by doing this because it hurts ten times more than rejection when the one who brakes up with you feels no pain what so ever while you sit back and wallow in your own heart broken pain. It is by far the worse thing you can do to someone and I do not suggest it. It can and will hurt like hell.
After Gerald dumped me he told me it was a fake relationship, thus murdering my soul.
#heart break #depression #break up #pain #horrifying #worse
by 666satanswife666 May 27, 2014
A relationship where one,if not both,claim to have interest in each other. One, if not both, lack real interest in one another,they just play the boyfriend/girlfriend role. Leading the person on.
Susan broke up with Johnny because the person she really wanted came along. She only liked the attention Johnny showed, but not Johnny. Johnny knew it was a fake relationship.
#false #misleading #unreal #fake #wrong
by daddyfatsack1 May 20, 2014
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