Top Definition
Filled with or full of a feeling, force or intention.
Creepy old woman: "Careful boy... Those woods are fraught with danger... Heh, heh, heh..."

Christian Observer: "This site is fraught with wickedness."
by T.Ractorhead December 03, 2006
1. adj - Containing excessive amounts of
2. adj - To an extreme degree
E.g. "That jail sentence was fraught with grief"

E.g. "That girl is fraught (with hotness)"
by Brod August 27, 2004
Fraught (frôt), verb

1. To be denied, unaccepted or refused.
1. The girl didn't return your phone call, you were fraught down.

He blocked your shot, you were fraught down.

Your book got bad reviews, it was fraught down.
by Swanston June 03, 2006
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