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A friend you bang (i.e., a friend with whom you have consensual sex but with whom you do not have a committed romantic relationship).
"She knows we're just frangs."
by pmd May 01, 2013
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What the Chinese say when Edward Cullen is referred to. Yes, even China has Twilight...
"Ahh, Edward Cullen!!"


by Requiem191 June 21, 2010
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Refers to an older, dried out, wrinkled vagina.
Your grandmother had a frang but it was nothing a little KY could not fix.
by ScootM. January 23, 2007
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the combination of a fro and bangs as in when someone with curly hair gets the bangs cut short so they have a mini-fro in the bangs region
"Michelle's mom never knew how to cut her hair right so she always ended up sporting some wicked frangs!"
by Dick Dawson January 14, 2010
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