"Fresh-off-the boat." Ok, the last person who wrote for this dictionary wrote, and I quote, "Asians who can't really talk english good and they talk weird ending words sometimes in plural when you don't need to and making words singular when they are plural." Ironically, the writer also cannot SPEAK or WRITE English WELL. Perhaps a more accuate definition would include a person who is typically from East or Southeast Asia who cannot speak English with correct grammar and tends to have a horrendous accent. Most FOBS do not assimilate to the local culture and stick out also in terms of aesthetic and artistic tastes.
FOB Asians usually have longer hair. They look more feminine, and sometimes may wear unorthodox, unmatching clothes or clothes that one cannont typically buy at Marshall Fields.

Asian Americans usually have very short hair (fades), wear anything from average American clothing (Old Navy) to the trendiest European fare (Gucci). They usually have either very slight accent or none, and their grammar is either very good, with only minor mistakes in articles or count/non-count nouns, or impeccable.
by arahihsi November 24, 2005
An acronym for Fresh Off the Boat. This term is most commonly used to describe asian people who seem to have recently immigrated to the US. Many think that it is degrating and should be considered a racial slur, but most people who use it don't wish to use it offensively.
Jacob: Hey, have you seen Ping Bo around?"
Dave: Who's that?
Jacob: You know, that fob kid in our english class.
Dave: Oh yah. He's in the courtyard.
by Big D the Really Cool Guy November 05, 2005
Fresh off the boat

- Someone who just came from their homeland, and immigrated to an englishspeaking new land, or someone who still thinks they're in their original homeland, and they speak the same language, dress the same, and eat the same food still. Or someone who can't speak proper english.
What, you want an example ?? theres was an example right THERE. my sentence did NOT make sense. i think. i dono .. anyway . theres lots of def's for FOB
by myrtle turtle ?? May 05, 2003
fresh of the boat. A term used for indians which refers to indian people who dress in indian clothes, smell like indian clothes, speak a indian language, or listen to really loud indian music.
she is such a fob, she has super frizz hair, and only listens to indian music
by this is a smiley September 29, 2010
girl 1: i'm amazing blah blah i love my boyfriend blah blah blah

girl 2: FOB!
by drinkinoutofcups September 17, 2010
A Person Who is Beast at anything they attempt to do.
Im going to build a house and Fob goes and builds a Mansion.
by Fob Upset August 24, 2010
Stands for Fresh Off The Boat. Usually used to describe islanders who don't speak English well. Their first language is foreign, so when they speak English, it is very broken and incoherent. Most mix up B's and P's, and V's and F's. They leave out words in sentences when they talk, or when they type/text.
Your FOBness is showing.
by Fobmastuhh808 July 20, 2010

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