Fresh Off the Boat (in Australia) used to refer to people of Islander origin. Fobs are generally quite large (as are their families), with a reputation for violence. Fobs make loyal and cool friends to both fobs and non-fobs, and tend to be pretty good singers as well. Also very good at rugby (Union and League). Not offensive unless you want it to be.
NON-FOB: "hey that fob is good at rugby and singing. I would bet that he has a reputation for being belligerent, but would make a loyal friend to me if I asked him to be."

FOB: "bro you just described my entire family ay bro"
by SlashFrehley April 27, 2009
Two Definitions:

1. Fresh Off the Boat
2. Family Over Bitches
Look at those fobs they hella dummmy bruh.

It ain't M.O.B, it's F.O.B; family over bitches cuhz
by blaccjacc December 18, 2008
Fresh off boat - refer to foreign born Asians who do not speak English well or speak English with accent. A popular derogatory term most commonly used by US-born Asians who often feel inferior to their white counterparts to look down on Asians who weren't born in the US so that at least they feel superior to something.
yo that white girl is so hot I wish I weren't asian so I could ask her out. I guess being an Asian with small dick I can only go out with FOBs coz asian girls love whities's dicks.
by JaneD September 08, 2008
To Fart On Balls, an intense fart
Bro, I just Farted all over my balls, that was a ridiculous FOB
see also SOB
by paulg08 July 25, 2008
A noun used originating from the popular band Fall Out Boy

It can also be a verb. "Fobing" means to listen to music by Fall Out Boy.
"Jimmy, Jimmy dear? What are you doing in the bathroom that's taking so long?"
"Maybe I should get your father in here to explain the ways of the Fob..."
by Icey Mamba March 31, 2006
FOB, stands for: Fresh Off the Boat. Korean people who just came from Korea and usually only group with other FOBs, and do not try to adapt to the American society. FOBs are usually picked on Twinkies.

Anyonym: Twinkie
Your Fobbyness is rubbing on me.
by Drolloc November 08, 2005
Fresh off the boat. Used for Asians who act extremely Asian. They use chopsticks, hang out with people of their own and also tend to speak their language(these are only generalizations, but there can be more). Asian people usually get offended by it, but it isn't taken very seriously. Usually used to define a certain category of Asians.
Stop being a fob.
Dude, your outfit is so fobulous.
by chinadoll317 October 03, 2005

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