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1. "Fuck off Bitch", usually used online to a girl who's being a pain in the ass.

2. Popularly used to shorten the band name "Fall Out Boy".
h0llist3erh0ttie (3:18:00): hi
h0llist3erh0ttie (3:18:04): wanna do me?
gayman28928 (3:18:05): FOB

I love Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by FOB.
by Egaro April 13, 2009
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Two Definitions:

1. Fresh Off the Boat
2. Family Over Bitches
Look at those fobs they hella dummmy bruh.

It ain't M.O.B, it's F.O.B; family over bitches cuhz
by blaccjacc December 18, 2008
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Well in Australia, mainly Queensland, Fob means Fresh of the Boat and usually refers to Islanders, like Kiwis(New Zealanders)mainly any from the Polynesion Triangle...
It was originally used as a derogotry term like Abo.
Girl1: Hey, you gonna hang wiv the fobs today at lunch?
Girl2: Nah man, I'm sick of those fob girls...love them airforces though...
by Lil.Tee September 11, 2008
8 12
Comes from the term: "Fresh off the boat"

English challenged, typically of Asian descent, stereotypically bad drivers, can reside in the United States for years but lack of motivation hinders basic English language skills and acceptance of American culture. Doesn't necessarily have to be "fresh" off the boat, these types are labeled "fobs" as well.

Your local neighborhood liquor store owner is probably a fob.
by Hennifer January 18, 2007
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An acronym for Fresh Off the Boat. This term is most commonly used to describe asian people who seem to have recently immigrated to the US. Many think that it is degrating and should be considered a racial slur, but most people who use it don't wish to use it offensively.
Jacob: Hey, have you seen Ping Bo around?"
Dave: Who's that?
Jacob: You know, that fob kid in our english class.
Dave: Oh yah. He's in the courtyard.
by Big D the Really Cool Guy November 05, 2005
12 16
abbr. for "free on board" a transfer of full ownership and responsibility of goods over the rail of a water vessel at a specified point
The connection between me and the big nasty pirate is fob!
by Turtlehermit May 21, 2005
2 6
Fresh off the boat

- Someone who just came from their homeland, and immigrated to an englishspeaking new land, or someone who still thinks they're in their original homeland, and they speak the same language, dress the same, and eat the same food still. Or someone who can't speak proper english.
What, you want an example ?? theres was an example right THERE. my sentence did NOT make sense. i think. i dono .. anyway . theres lots of def's for FOB
by myrtle turtle ?? May 05, 2003
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