Fob is also known as Fresh Off the Beehengi, for all of you that are korean...if you're not, beehengi is plane. I think the Fobs are the ones that made this word up because how else would you know the word beehengi if you aren't a FOB?
"dude, look at that Fob and the super bright colors that she's wearing...they don't even match!"
by anonymusanonymus September 27, 2005
filipinos who make signs with little dinosaurs saying "rawr"
girl: hey did you see stephen's new profile photo? what a fob!
girl 2: yeah, who makes signs saying RAWR? haha scene fob!
by kawaii police October 23, 2012
To australians FOB means 'fresh off the boat'.
Fobs include Samoan, Cook islander, Tongan, Hawaiian, Fijian
, Niuean, Rapanui, Maori.
Fobs are not offended by this term and specifically call themselves this.
"I smell coconut! Here come the fobs!"
by 2legit! October 25, 2011
'Fuckable Old Bird' - slang (eng.), UK.

Term used usually by younger generation males to describe an alluring, pretty, fit, good looking older woman.

By definition the user is always meant to be younger than the subject.
'Ere mate, what do you think of her?
FOB. Well I would anyway.
by northern disco monkey April 27, 2011
is an acronym for Fresh Of the Boat or Foreigner Over Board. Often used for foreignersmigrating to/and starting a life in a new country.
Today, the word FOB is widely used in Australia to describe south pacific islanders.
Sione, you're such a F.O.B
by houstatlantavegas July 26, 2010
Fuck off Bitch

usually used when you are pissed at a certain female that won leave you alone.
"Why don't you FOB"
"Ugh, FOB"
by Skiggs May 04, 2009
A digital device which is usually found on one's keychain to unlock their vehicle from a distance.

Also used to sound an alarm, or open the cargo compartment for a vehicle.

Particularly useful for the compulsive shopper.
If I didn't have my fob with me, I'd have to put down my groceries to unlock the car.
by Justin May 01, 2002
Acronym for "Fresh Off the Boat"
When a filipino switches F's and P's
Example: Fob = Pob.
by Flip April 30, 2002

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