The two pink squishy balls between a mans legs. Men find it highly pleasurable when these are gently stroked, sucked or fondled, however, they become agitated when they are in danger, and may even kill in order to protect them.
James liked putting dog food all over his flumps and inviting his dog to lick it off.
by wyli July 14, 2005
A total badass who makes everything fun and exciting.
Justin Bieber is such a Flump, his concerts are so unbelievable!
by ilusion80 October 19, 2010
a chateauguay slang word for pot... It can also be the act of smoking pot where FLUMPING is also acceptable... a FLUMPER is a joint... to be FLUMPED is used but not often

Gordo took out some flump, rolled a flumper, and went out side to flump. When he was done flumping, he was totally flumped.
by the beard September 17, 2006
The act of consentual Sexual Intercourse
I'd flump her/him for one!
I'd d her/him for a flump!
i want a flump!
by smillsy July 20, 2005
Sound occuring when a grenade is launched from an AR rifle.
See comic books.

See XIII on the X-Box
by Random Hero February 02, 2004
To have sexual intercourse
do you fancy a flump?
im gonna flump you like a good un!
by craigypip August 04, 2003
This word can mean absolutely anything. It can be used as any part of a sentence. Variations of 'flump' can include the following: 'flumped', 'flumping', 'flumper', 'flump out', 'flumped out'. Basically, there are no rules governing this word.
Would you like to flump out this evening?

I just flumped from New York City to Philadelphia.

I've been flumping a new jacket today. I like it.
by jewcb_42 January 25, 2011

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