used when decribing someone who looks like a flump. a small cute furry ball of fluff originating in the british television show "the flumps"
"You're such a flump"
by Electronicxtacy December 04, 2008
To masterbate whilst taking a poo.
damn that was good flump, im going back for round two after dinner.
by jason plant king of the flump September 26, 2006
An overweight woman who is addicted to sex.
That flump crushed me last night!
by KL June 29, 2003
Excess fat on the body
Your flump is hanging out of your shirt.
by Sparkle911 September 01, 2011
Being an absoloute idiot

Stop it you flump!!!

Oh My Days stop being such a flump!
by ChatterBoxSlang November 23, 2010
To shag, or indeed attempt to shag, a fat person's navel.

Not to be mistaken for the much loved pink/white marshmallow treat. Although it is not inconceivable to try and combine the two.
Get a load of her! Get me a night of flumping in there i reckon.
by The Jolly Mr Poo November 15, 2010
The two pink squishy balls between a mans legs. Men find it highly pleasurable when these are gently stroked, sucked or fondled, however, they become agitated when they are in danger, and may even kill in order to protect them.
James liked putting dog food all over his flumps and inviting his dog to lick it off.
by wyli July 14, 2005

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