N. Flappy Bird Slump; the sudden and prolonged inability to perform well after obtaining a high score on 'Flappy Bird'. Usually followed by postflapmatic stress disorder
"Why is Higgins in a fetal position?"
"He's goin through a flump"
"Flappy Bird Slump. Look it up, Liz"
by scienceBITCH February 06, 2014
To masturbate emotionally, using the tears as lubrication.
Dave was so upset he flumped himself to sleep

To get over his break up, all Brian needed was a good flump.
by TC88 October 28, 2013
any badass activity or saying
stop talking shit before you get flumped
he is so flumping
lets go flump
by the flump master November 12, 2010
To prank someone by sneaking up behind them while holding the bottom of your shirt, jumping, and rapidly forcing your shirt over their head and off again before you hit the ground.
Did you see that? Jake just flumped Abhi so fast Abhi didn't even see it coming!
by 3nd3r May 13, 2010
The action of letting out your gut after the fine chick has just walked by.
Jason flumped out
by bread infection December 05, 2009
To fall. Another term for sex. Noise something makes.
Did yall flump? What the flump was that? That thing just flumped on the ground
by Will Vercetti May 03, 2009
An excessive fold of fat above the knees.
The flumps on that woman are bigger than her cankles.
by Captain Goodvibes March 06, 2009

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