1.'V' The nearly boneless collapse of a young animal, especially a puppy, when they run out of energy after an energetic play session. This is a cross between a flop and a slump.

2. 'N' Someone who performs a similar activity, for example collapsing on a chair or couch after a long day.
The Newfoundland puppy flumped onto the tile floor. After an all night poker party, John was nothing but a flump.
by Mad Doc G March 08, 2009
adj. A portmanteau of "fat" and "plump," usually reserved for describing poultry while it is still alive.
"Damn, yo, dat chick is flump."
by Penile Bleeding April 08, 2012
To spread yourself out and not bother to move again at a sleepover on the floor with desired bedding. Flumping is best performed in a sleeping bag against another body in a sleeping bag and a second body flumping on a sofa with a quilt.
Boz flumped against Roz and Sauron.
'Stop flumping on me - I can't feel my leg!'
by Roz February 15, 2004
Something that is bad/not cool. It covers much more than just ugly or gross, because it can be used for anything bad.
"Bro, that shirt's flump. Get a new one man."
by BucketTeam23 February 27, 2014
The sound made when clean fine linens, precisely folded, are dropped flat on the floor from about knee height.
I heard a flump and I knew without looking that the maid had brought clean sheets.
by Hopeless Joe December 14, 2011
To flump: to hit softly without intention of hurting/damaging the subject. Usually done in playful annoyance/revenge, or through lack of anything else to do.
John flumped Jo with a pillow.
by Meneldil April 06, 2005
The act of being flumpy. Sad, being out of it or not feelin it.
Wizzie: Tf is wrong with you bro? Why won't you hit this bleezy?
Domonigga: Man, i've been feelin hella flumpy
by Wizzie March 12, 2014

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