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A wonderful sweet person who helps everyone who is nice to her and others. Multi-talented and smart, this person is loved by everyone.
Johnny just helped me carry in the groceries!
How Abhi - like!
by Cutepepper99 May 13, 2011
an indian word meaning victory.
Yes Abhi!
They pulled an Abhi!
by pblazer69 January 19, 2011
(noun) - A very smart amazing person who'll always be there to help you out when needed.

(noun) - A person with a (beautiful or handsome) perfect face and a shining personality.
1. That girl is such an Abhi! She just helped me pick up all my dropped stuff, when no one else would!

2. Oh my, that person is SOO Abhi-like! I wish I could have such perfection!

3. How could she be such an Abhi! She's so smart and she's pretty!
by SweetPepper99 September 17, 2011
An alien, he comes from outer space to get the ladies with his tiny alien dick.
He was born to revise, you know its you Abhi.
Are we human?
That guy looks like an Abhi
by alienanator May 20, 2013
a lazy mooch who leaves socks on heaters and calls "deuce"
Person1: Did someone light up the sheesha
*abhi appears out of nowhere*
Abhi: " Deuce"

That's not cool man. You're pulling an abhi
by Brendaena December 13, 2007