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{Fluffy} and {lumpy}.
I have a favorite {flumpy} pillow.
by jesusgirl101 February 23, 2009
The act of performing oral sex on a male who is defecating into a toilet bowl.
While I had a bad case of diarrhea, some girls from the second floor were nice enough to give me some flumpies.
by Flumpy Master March 05, 2005
to be bouncy and soft. something you would usually find on a fat person, but in this incident on a skinny person.
naomi's cheeks are flumpy
by cam likes words January 09, 2008
The nicest person in the world.
Ryan: That guy over there is a total Flumpy
Luke: ikr
by QUEBEHDEH January 02, 2014
A state of being involving being very in love, having weird sleeping patterns, and eating junk food.
After all that purple drink and pizza and sex, I'm flumpy.
by uhotatg September 17, 2013
to recieve a blowjob while taking a shit.
Your daughter was good enought to give me a flumpy yesterday.
by drewdown January 19, 2003
A nickname for a Fun Loving Guy
"Ohh he's so cute and flumpy and fun"
by paula ad September 20, 2009