noun - a lazy, goodfornothing person who doesn't excel or accomplish anything in life
Craig is such a flounder! All he does every day at work is sit in his office with his feet propped up on the desk reading the Wall Street Journal.
by Bubbe August 31, 2005
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The true definition of a flounder is a shapeless woman who has neither breasts nor an ass. She is thinly shaped up and down much like the fish.
The flounder originally thought she was cute until she discovered that she lacked any sexual organ that would catch the eye of the opposite sex.
by Lord Price XI April 05, 2009
One who Flounds. Term used for a certain type of basketball player. Strengths are quickness, driving, and shooting the ball moderately well. Playing style is unorthodox. Shoots layups with 2 hands. Tends to be lanky in stature. Weaknesses are, well, everything else. Prone to being rejected, out rebounded, and shooting bricks. Can get the job done.
Parker: "Jason, do you want Amir or Seth for your team?"
Jason: "Seth. He's a Flounder."
Parker: "Got 'em..."
by d3ck3r July 23, 2013
1) A fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps the origin of the insult 'bottom-dewller' or 'bottom-feeder'.

2) To fail or struggle in a given situation.
1) I have never caught a flounder while fishing, nor should I have.

2) After floundering as a catcher due to injuries, Brian Downing had a successful career as an outfielder.
by Diggity Monkeez March 04, 2005
(v.) the act of placing your hand between someones legs from behind, and flopping your hand under their balls like a flounder, but not actually touching their balls, that would be gay unless "no homo" is called. Usually results in a startled reaction from the individual it is applied to.

Flounder, Floundered, Floundering
Person 1: "Dude why does Marlon look so bummed?"
Person 2: "Ohh, i just floundered him and he was so surprised that he pooped a little and it dripped down his legs onto his sock. Those are new socks."
Person 1: "Ohh that sucks, at least he gives good LJ's and can move silently through the night"
by flounderer July 10, 2010
An entrepreneurial bottom-feeding investor who helps build a (usually high-tech) company with the intent to sell it, usually at the expense of those who made it successful. The modern term for "founder." Named for a fish that evolved both eyes to the same side of its head, to facilitate bottom-feeding and hiding from predators.
The company I worked for was great, until some of the founders proved to be flounders.
by Samandor January 24, 2015
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