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an expression that is used to say "Grow Up, Move On and Be An Adult"
Linda was crying about Marie and how she was spreading gossip about her. I just told her, "Linda, it's time to put on your big girl panties and deal with it."
by Bubbe September 04, 2005
noun - a lazy, goodfornothing person who doesn't excel or accomplish anything in life
Craig is such a flounder! All he does every day at work is sit in his office with his feet propped up on the desk reading the Wall Street Journal.
by Bubbe August 31, 2005
verb - to say something or do something odd or weird or otherwise airheaded- named after Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe on "Friends"
Oh man! You just pulled a pheebs when you fell up the stairs!
by Bubbe September 01, 2005
A young, pre-teenaged boy who is a total dweeb/geek/nerd - From a character on "Revenge Of The Nerds"
Owen is such a total "wormser"! He aced his SAT and was accepted into Harvard before his 13th birthday!
by Bubbe August 30, 2005
a solid kick delivered to the groin region
Damn, Johnny! You are so stupid! You deserve a good, kick in the Jackie!
by Bubbe September 02, 2005
an expression or exclamation used to see a person's point or what he is trying to explain
First used in Airplane II, The Sequel and The Bill Cosby Show
Yo, check it bleed! Da hoes was up and da pimps was down at that sick party last weekend!
by Bubbe August 31, 2005
a word combination of sister and sibling - used as an endearment
Jessica and Tara are my sibbers.
by Bubbe September 01, 2005

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