To rub your bellend up and down repeatedly against someone's pouting lips
Rob? did you sleep with that girl last night?

Nah, but i floundered her a treat! She won't be needing lipstick for a while.
by Axe Wound 123 November 14, 2008
Reporter with two perfectly good eyes, both apparently on the same side of his or her head, enabling them to not see what's going on below.
"Fortunately, core inflation was held in check last month, the Flounder reported, as gas soared over $4.00
by Robert Tartell May 16, 2008
A flounder, much like the fish in water is very moist vagina, sometimes dripping, and can even have that fishy smell... a lot like Tom Cruise.
Oprah's flounder after a nice hot shower (without soap) is simply delicious
by Mike Titus May 28, 2006
Flounder is one of the characters from the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid". He is a fish, and Ariel's best friend. So, if your name is Flounder you are a loyal friend.
Flounder the loyal fish.
by Andrea.... July 15, 2008
no no no you guys. a flounder is when you put your non erected penis on a girls face and flop it around, sort of like a slap with your dick. this can also be called fish out of water.
"i was sitting there on the couch, and she was asleep so i gave her a flounder."
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005
a faggot fucking pussy, that works at the olive garden in springfield mass. who love his N/a Stawberry Daquiri fucking vagina
bobby opsetnik
by kyle April 01, 2005
Loser bitches that frequent the online dating world, a female scrub, they think they're all that but in reality they're barely one-night-stand material.
I thought she'd text me back but she's a flounder.
by DoucheN0zzle May 14, 2015

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