Excessive moving of the hand between someone else's leg. ( like the movement of a fish)
Oh no, Hunter and Joe, just floundered me! My day is now ruined.
by BigdaddyTF February 16, 2011
A turd that is quite flat. It can be long or short, but with very little girth.
Don: Who left the flounder swimming around in the bowl?

Dan: I did. I tried to flush it, but it swam back up.
by OrangeElixir August 07, 2013
This term is used in the land of online gaming when someone receives an improper or unneeded trout. Originated in UnForums alternate reality game discussion boards.

"Wee Todd Did I Am" says Joe.

Oh, cool. "I am Sofa King. Wee Todd Did Also.", says John

"Trout" says Joe.

"I flounder thee" says John. (smacking Joe amongst his privates)
by NataSUF February 25, 2008
A loud/obnoxious moron trying to keep the attention of a crowd. An outspoken drunkard.
Every party in which he attends and drinks, he flounders around.
by Adam Schalow July 06, 2004
Female who is average in skills and activity when it comes to sexual intercourse.

She may still be a bottom feeder, but she definitely shows signs of life unlike a stalefish. However, she isn't quite up to par with salmon status.
Kevin: Rumor has you you and Kate did the nasty last weekend? How is she?

Jon: Keep this on the DL, but she's a flounder. Not bad, but nothing too special.
by TWP Fisherman March 16, 2010
To give one's own self head. Auto-fellatio.
Steve has been taking yoga classes to increase his flexibility. Since he can't get any, he wants to be able to flounder.
by flounder founder April 23, 2009
To rub your bellend up and down repeatedly against someone's pouting lips
Rob? did you sleep with that girl last night?

Nah, but i floundered her a treat! She won't be needing lipstick for a while.
by Axe Wound 123 November 14, 2008
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