A transvestite resembling a gerbal by the name of Gerard. Lures in unsuspecting males under the alias of "Flossy". Tall, crooked teeth and false blonde wig.
"At the folk festival, Ed, under the influence of alcohol, got with Flossy."

"That'll show you Flossy!"
by prowl March 30, 2005
1. someone who gets drunk and tries desperately to convince people that glamorous is a good song by singing the wrong words over and over again.
2. someone who thinks that they have the right to dress like Richard Simmons lover on a regular basis
3. someone who pretends not to love Sabrina the teenage witch but keeps the abc family channel on all day waiting for it
"I can't believe what a flossy Ro was being last night!"
by ro 'the lush' iovin March 20, 2007
When you or someone you know is looking fresh.
"Logan check out this new fit i got"
"Damn Bro you're looking flossy as fuck!"
by classyslogan June 10, 2015

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