Superficially stylish; Showy; Attracts attention with looks or nice things; similar to "bling"; someone or something that is considered cool, stylish, hot, expensive or attractive.
"Your new cell phone is so flossy"
"That girl got all kinds of floss goin' on"
"We're gonna show up all flossed out"

by s29bfa January 30, 2008
A state of severe inebriation for methamphetamine users. Characterized by aural and visual hallucinations, psychosis, and temporary impairment of one's cognitive and motor functions. Usually follows an extended period of drug induced fasting and sleep deprivation.
I'm so flossy that I can't even drive, let alone fly that plane, and that fucking statue keeps singing Carly Simon songs to me, must get some sleep!
by Flossy Spacek September 16, 2009
Flashy, attention-grabbing. Somebody or something attractive/amazing.
I'm just so damn flossy
And I know what you like
There ain't no gangsta like me
I'm a give it to ya every time
-Hollywood Undead, 'Gangsta Sexy'
by Ultimate117 July 06, 2012
Some one that is hot, sexy, or banging; Someone that you would fuck just by their looks.
"Stephen from Laguna Beach is so flossy. I'd do him in a second."
by claire November 11, 2004
When a person or object is clean, or "phresh"
Cordell: Yo Kyle man i got these new kicks and their flossy as hell

Kyle: Really yo? that's sick. but i just picked up a flossy collar for my dog. them poodles be ice grillin him
by Swag on wm May 30, 2011
An amazing or awesome event or thing that happens. Most of the time flossy will be a word, no nouns no adjectives or pronouns, just a word. Can also be used to to describe an appearence of someone.
"oh, your looking flossy today"
by wordtrender97 November 15, 2011
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