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3 definitions by batmum

blonde girl that uses phrases such as

1. you are my mummeh
2. you are my sugar daddeh even though you are a womanthing!
4. don't you just want to put it in a box and rape it
5. Steve he ish a marshmallow!
6. ORGY!
7. up the arse or what?

Also really loves heavy metal music
"I watched queen of the damned with a Flossie last night! She was so random and thinks KoRn are great!"

"Flossie said gangbang and that is what we did."

"Flossie says steve he is a marshmallow!"

"Flossie takes it up the arse."

"Flossie's mummeh is Batman!"
by batmum July 27, 2006
Slang for vagina that is bigger on the inside.
"Wow that tardis was definately bigger on the inside! My doctor had loads of room!"
by batmum July 27, 2006
Slang name for penis
"My Doctor Who (doctor) had plenty of room in that tardis she's got!"
by batmum July 27, 2006