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4 definitions by kaylaashley

a person who does NOT wipe.
Brucey : "Ew man that sick son of a bitch over there doesnt wipe!"
Eric : "SICK...wait how the fuck do you know that..."
Brucey: "uh ub...lets go hunting while we uhm eat meat and uh go and check out some hot muh-CHICKS!"
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003
the extremely fast movement of a poop from the anus to the toilet water.
"ow, that floop hurt! I think it left a burn!"
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003
A bloop is the sound a giant piece of dung that floots out your arsehole and hits the water of the toilet which is much to close to your sagging bottom and the quick floop makes a bloop and the water splashes your saggy ass.

Is not a true bloop unless it makes the actual sound "BLOOP" ( and ppl in the living room can hear it ) and unless seconds after the bloop you jump off the toilet for a cold sploosh has touched your hole-e-o ( unpleasant ).
*kev places his saggcheeks on the cold toilet seat*
*the cold shocks the bum and..*
kev: " hoh! "
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003
santa :knock knock
child victim :whos there
santa : santa
child : santa who
santa: im a rapist
they're already sleeping so half the job is done
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003