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When you leave your fries at Five Guys sitting too long, and they become un-edible.
I left my delicious FIVE GUYS fries sitting too long like a biznitch, and now they are cold and flobby.
by churchburr November 06, 2010
Someone who is flabby (fat) and a slob.
GIRL 1: Did you see Karen?
GIRL 2: OMG, she looked so flobby!
by TeamAwesomeness February 21, 2008
Flobby is the face you make after your airbag opens in a car
Micheal's face was really flobby after the accident
by Paul December 17, 2003
Abi Bygrave
Gav:Do some sit ups
Abi:Are you calling me flobby?
by mark October 01, 2003
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