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To flirt with someone only through txt messages on either your cell phone or mobile device.
"I've totally been flirxting with this guy all week. I think we may actually meet in person next month."
by Mattfrost16 July 21, 2008
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A lesser form of sexting. Flirxting is the acting of flirting with someone through text messages, usually involving emoticons such as winking and kissing.
I just meat the girl last night. I'm flirxting first to test the waters. If everything goes well, we'll be sexting by tonight.
by NeccoGuy June 01, 2011
When two people flirt through text rather than face to face. Sometimes this is easier because you can take some time to think about your cute little responses and you can draft and edit what you say
Girl 1 : Omg me and Derrik were flirxting so much last night!

Girl2 : That's so cool! What did you say when you say him today?

Girl1: I looked like a complete idiot! i had no clue what i was saying... smh -__-
by Mr. Timn November 04, 2011
To flirt with someone only through text messages on either your cell phone or mobile device. Commonly used between courting teens and flirtatious couples. Pronounced Flir-xting.
Obviously. See also Texting Out
flirxting example

Sam: baby, i love you so much *hugs*
Amber: aww, i love you too *tickles*
Sam: hey! *laughs*
Amber: *giggles*

NOTE: this would all be done in texting, on a cell phone (duh)
asterisks * are used to indicate an action taken.
by ChillyPillz November 16, 2010

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