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To ask someone out by texting them on a cellular device.
Oh my god I can't believe that Tom is texting out Jess?!?!?! How lame is that.
by sthen October 23, 2007
7 1
Making out or kissing through text messaging, used to indicate what you would do. EG, if you type *kisses lightly*, the response from your gf or gf might be *deepens kiss*
Commonly used between courting teens and flirtatious couples. See also Texting Out
Texting Out example
Amber: *kisses lightly*
Sam: *deepens kiss*
Amber *wraps arms around you*

you get the picture.
by ChillyPillz November 16, 2010
4 1
When one texts to ask out on a day or to be in a relationship rather than asking them out in person.

The act of texting someone of the opposite sex hoping to create a relationship.
Guy1: Hey man are you going to ask that girl out you met the other day.

Guy2: Yeah I am. Im texting out so many girls these days.
by AHA---->Delsie November 30, 2011
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