When you take off skin from the animal.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Top Definition
An awesome killing maneuver in an FPS or team game whereas the killer (or flayer) overcomes his adversaries regardless of the odds against him. To flay your opponent is beyond owned or pwned. To be flayed is a total disgrace.
On teamspeak: 'Yo, take out that dude coming in from the right.'
'No way chief, he's a flayer'
'Dude, you got a rocket launcher, hit him now!!'
'You hit him and let him flay your skinny butt, not mine.'
by flaymaster October 04, 2007
An abbreviation if the phrase 'fair play' Used to acknowledge an agreement of fair conduct.
Davy Foster: I'm not wearing any underwear today

Jess: Flay.

Bob: how was your night jack?
Jack: I had a threesome.
Bob: Flay.
by Jess&Maff February 03, 2012
flawless + slay

When someone flawlessly killed it


someone is looking fabulous af.
1) "I woke up like dis"
"Yass bitch you is lookin' flay"

2) In the time you twerk i make my homework
" The person ho said that completly flayed"
by blackdreamcatcher April 09, 2015
Laying on the floor. Not to be confused with having intercourse on the floor, which is known as flex.
Imma get my flay on!
by sleezbreeze September 11, 2011
the best ship out there
Person 1: Do you ship flay?
Person 2: Hell yeah!
by captiOnedcUbe October 20, 2014

One who really sucks at something.
One who messes something up really bad.
One who has a big ego.
One who is a doofy stupid spoiled brat.
One who is somewhere they shouldn't be.
One who overcooks asparagus.


To really suck at something.
To mess something up really bad.
To have a big ego.
To be a doofy stupid spoiled brat.
To be somewhere you shouldn't.
To overcook asparagus.
Aww man you really flay'd that all up you flaying flay-wad.
by Black Gwen Stefani April 19, 2006
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