Game-playing: To be totally overwhelmed by your enemy in an up-close-and-personal battle. To be flayed is beyond being owned or pwned - flayed is being completely abused and shredded by a better player. The term "flayed" is usually used when you have massive weapons and your opponent only has a knife or sword or fist and whups you badly.
Teammate: Look out - to your right!!!
You: Dang! *shoots rocket, throws grenade in direction of attack*
Flayer *running in, knife in hand*: OORAH!
You: Arrrrrggggghhhh
Teammate: Dude, he flayed you bad.
by Master Flayer January 17, 2006
Verb. When a drunk young male makes a sleazy sexual pass at a female by invading their personal space, especially by the rubbing of her lower back.
Some creepy blonde guy flayed me last night, what a creep.
by Bennett Miller May 09, 2006
A word that can describe bad or unusual experiences.
"That movie was totally flayed"
"i was flayed at that party on the weekend"
by luco May 30, 2003

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