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Scottish way of saying Yes ( in celebration)

another word that is similar is Yaldi
guy1: I beat up that guy last night

guy2: Yass!
by EndingsWithoutStories December 07, 2009
Simply meaning "yes" or "yay". This word is used at any occasion and at any time and place.
The word was mentioned on many Vines, and is being used by many Viners to imitate a "white girl". Some people use the word "yass" to create more of a "Starbucks, Chipotle, White girl".
"Hey, are you buying Chipotle?"
by brosado May 04, 2015
Another way to say yes
Do you want a treat? Yass.
by Free Amerika April 05, 2015
Yass - Internet slang for yes, a celebratory slang
Gamer 1 - I got the special edition Fallout 4 that comes with Fallout 3!
Gamer 2- - Yass!
via giphy
by iiiNarwhal April 06, 2016
A Mistake of a town. Created by a meteorite hitting the earth and causing a hole.
Where are you going this weekend?

To Yass.

Don't go there you will fall in and get branwashed by yass country people.
by T Pepper April 30, 2010
A contraction used that means "You Ass." Used when trying to curse someone without getting in trouble.
(Bob punching John)
John: Y'ass! Quit punching me.
Teacher: Bob, see me after school.
Bob: Y'ass, John, you got me in trouble.
by radjabov98 December 02, 2012
Combination of "your" and "ass".

A term brought to the web by rapper Kaedaq in the early 2000's. He is also widely credited with being the first to type other urban slang in the way its pronounced, such as tryna.
I got suttin for yass.
by YouthMan May 14, 2009
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