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Collective noun for baboons.
Originally used as a joke in a sketch from British TV show Not The Nine O'Clock News, the word has now entered common useage.
That's the biggest flange of baboons I've ever seen in the wild.
by Daniel Beardsall September 06, 2006
32 47
A type of join used in engineering to affix 2 piece of wood/metal/misc. material together.
The corner on this storage cabinet is a Flange Joint.
by Katie February 27, 2005
37 53
Its a nice way to say cunt in front of your mum
oh mother your gynie called he said your flange was a okay
by joshi November 09, 2006
16 33
silly bloke who lives in lir park with his sexy sister
ann's son is flange
by robertevans4eva August 12, 2008
0 18
A flange is a metalic flan or quiche which forms the staple food for robots. Although robots do also enjoy snacking on staples, staples are not the staple food.

The first flange was baked in 1736 (that's just after 25 minutes to six) by Mrs Helen Highwater of Wales. This original flange was cooked to a prehistoric Italian recipe, using a simple combination of copper and iron. Today, the copper and iron flange is called Flange Lorraine or Flance Margharitta, both of which mean "plain and boring, somewhat tasteless, but nevertheless cheap and therefore relatively good value for money flange".

Mrs Highwater fed the original flange to her favourite robotic sheep, LLangchgoch-
llanllanlllan. The sheep, together with the remains of the flange, can be seen in the International Museum of Flanges in the United States city of Baghdad.

The development of the flange was slow at first, until the Great Staple Crisis of 1987, which led to the establishment of the LLangochgochllogowbyllof
lanllllllllan Flange Export Company. The flange was simultaneously patented by Microsoft, Apple computer, Wikimedia, Mozilla and Coca Cola in the USA, but in the rest of the world is manufacturered solely by anyone.
flange =D... =)... =|...
by kodiac1 July 06, 2006
28 46
Flange is an old English Slang term for a ladies vagina. Not commonly used these days, but if you live in the South, you'll mostly have heard it before and have an idea what it means. The male equivalent of this term is Podger.
Fanny Flange; meant the clitoris and Flange Trouble; described a urinary tract infection.
by IzziWizzi May 26, 2006
21 39
Slang for the vagina
by David Callaghan December 19, 2002
32 53