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To press oneselve's, or indeed, an unsuspecting victim's face with both hands, squashing all facial features, most importantly the lips, into the resembelence of a flange.
This will be funny, i'm just about to flange Josh!
OMG! Cried Josh, as he flanged himself.
by Daniel John Kelly April 24, 2006
(Verb) To be danced upon in an extremely homoerotic fashion, usually involving at least partial nudity and/or compulsary donations to the Homoerotic Tip Jar.
It can be a poly-flange, whereby multiple persons "flange" one unsuspecting person, or the more intimate "solo-flange".

Notable for being one of the few acts which both mentally and physically scars a person, whilst still being pleasurable.
"Man, it started as an innocent lap-dance but I got well and truely Flanged before the end!"
by Peter_muck October 25, 2007