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One of the biggest (white) lies anyone could say. The phrase can also be blended into a monosyllabic grunt so as to exert even less effort.
Don't worry about me; I'm fine.
by SpecialCookies November 06, 2010
1) A little button on Facebook used to express a positive response about someone's status, picture, video, link or pretty much anything else a person does.

2) The same button can also be used sarcastically.

Note: It is not dissimilar to the little "Thumbs-Up" picture next to each definition on Urban Dictionary.
1) Ash: "I just bought myself a new phone! :)" (23 minutes ago)
*you click on Like Button*
You like this.

2) Ash: "I just lost my phone! :(" (3 minutes ago)
*click on it again*
You and 7 others like this.
by SpecialCookies April 06, 2010
What the word "porno" sounds like if it's said repeatedly in quick succession.
The students started chanting "porno" to me, their IT teacher, whenever I entered the room ever since they caught me watching porn in class. When the principal visited one time, I used my quick wit to start chanting "no porn" back at them in order to make it sound like some strange rigorous vocal and preventative reciting exercise.... it didn't work.
by SpecialCookies June 09, 2011
Pronounced 'flan-jing', the act of mixing two audio signals together, with one being delayed by a small and slowly changing period producing an output signal with peaks and troughs in a harmonic series. Flangers are similar to phasers (phase-shifting, beyond the scope of this definition) however, if you listen intently enough, you can hear the difference.

The flange effect can best be described (to those who never studied wave mechanics) as a jet sound; sounds like a jet aircraft passing by the listener. Phasing on the other hand sounds much more alien and "other-worldly".

While used in all sorts of different music, flangers are most heavily used in psychedelic and dreamy music where strong harmonics and a "wall-of-sound" depth are often sought - used with good reason too, flanging sounds insanely beautiful when you're as high as a kite. ;)
I was listening to Slowdive's Machine Gun shortly after returning from another galaxy. Coming down, the flanging was simply too beautiful for my human ears, so I cried and reassessed existence.
by SpecialCookies November 14, 2011
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