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The flabby roll of skin that is visible above a pair of tight jeans/skirt on a woman.

Another word for a spare tyre.
Oop get your flang out!

Check out the flang on that!

Baby got flang!
by Ryan Short & Michael Buckle June 27, 2006
59 51
A Flang is Storm chasing slang for a very close lightning strike, often instantaneous with thunder, can have a shock wave associated with it..
Hey, we copped a few Flangs last night from that Squall line..

awesome Flang-fest yesterday out in the cane fields..
by Darth Dumbarse October 24, 2010
20 22
flang (v) - To succeed as a hobo. To find small satisfactions where others might see only despair.
If you got a quarter, ya flang, ya flang. A discount shopper, ya flang, ya flang. If you gotta rob her, ya flang ya flang. Let's go shopping at K Mart.
by Toothless Heartattack Hobo February 17, 2012
0 3
slang word for vagina
i put my cock in ur flang
by Missy May 02, 2003
70 79
It means something is so awesome you can't think of a word for it. Kinda like FRICKEN AWESOME but even better. Usually used with uber in front of it.
thurman: holy shit escape the fate is uber flang

scenester: i know they are the sex!!!
by xXchristinaXx January 28, 2009
15 43
It means only one thing, Vagina !
she has a flang he does not !
by Rolf December 29, 2004
29 57
a women down there you know VAGINA !
she has a hairy flang
by missHyo April 16, 2009
10 39