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(n.) The flagship of a fleet is usually the best-equipped, and most famous. The orders all come from there.
Taking out the flagship decreases morale greatly.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
1. Slang noun adjective: describing the most prominent or highly touted product or service among those offered by a company. Derived from the naval term meaning:

2. The ship in a fleet that carries the Admiral, or ranking military commander.
sWindles is the flagship of MyCrudSoft's fleet of DCS infections.

Vista is the latest version of their flagship product.

The flagship of the United States is Air Force One, because the C-in-C doesn't usually travel by sea.
by Downstrike August 05, 2005
The most important example of a product or service
The company's flagship medicine was taken off the market due to safety concerns.
by The Return of Light Joker July 04, 2009
A Way of Life. Flagship was born from the Chaotic Mind of Juckface, AKA, Slydeshow , as a way of life; to be the best, the FLAGSHIP Product of your own life. Never to back down, never to surrender, and Dear Lord, NEVER to let Barbara Noe touch your naughty places.

Flagship is also a Rock Band that has a few revolving members including Juckface/Slydeshow on the drums, Dart and Electro switching between Guitars, DROCK on the Bass, Dan-Phucking-Knee as the Mascot/Introducer, and various other people filling in from time to time when "Da Mojo is low, and ya GOT to go".

Flagship is also a Roaming Clan originating on the Playstation 3 in the game known as Warhawk. The clan consists of a few close members, who enjoy "LIGHTING THE BOARD THE FUCK UP! YARGH!"
Thanks for calling GAME CRAZY, where you can preorder the newest FLAGSHIP game for the PS3, LAIR!

Yo, thats so Flagship...

How many times do I have to tell you dammit?! DONT LOOK AT BARBARA NOE LIKE THAT!

(Out of no where) FLAGSHIP!
by Gabriel Dolecal May 16, 2008

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