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1 definition by Kral2

To be thoroughly screwed over in a laughable way by the incompetent design in an online game, usually specific to games developed by Flagship Studios. The origin of the term is from the game Hellgate: London, and the seemingly impossible number of major design disasters it contained.
victim: I've killed 65535 demons and now whenever I kill a demon my character gets stuck and I have to relog to continue playing!
troll: lol, flagshipped!

victim: I traded for an item with another player and I lost 1.7 million palladium as the game truncated my money at 9,999,999!
troll: ahaha, flagshipped!

victim: I paid $150 for a lifetime subscription as it would include special event quests and items for holidays, but the biggest holiday there is, Christmas, had none!
troll: Flagshipped!

victim: I just had a cool unique item drop from the boss I killed, but the item says "subscriber only"? Wtf is this, shareware loot? I can't even trade it to a subscriber!
troll: Yep, you got flagshipped.

victim: I unsubscribed recently, but now I'm stuck with the subscriber transmogrifier cube item taking up a lot of space in my inventory that I can't use and I can't drop or destroy!
troll: That's what you get for paying to be flagshipped.
by Kral2 January 15, 2008
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