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A term that was started on the hellgate: london forums, used to refer when you buy something and in turn the thing you bought is:

A: very poorly made
B: broken
C: bugged out to all hell (refering to a game)
D: not getting what you paid for
Tim: "I just bought a new table today and one of its legs broke"

Bill: "Man you got flagshipped"
Tom: "Wow man i just bought a brand new xbox360 and i got the three red rings as soon as i turned it on!!!"

Bob: "Heh sounds like you got flagshipped"
Billy: "I just bought the new hellgate: london game and gave them $10 subscription fee right after i got it, not only did they take out 100USD more then they were suppose to, but there would have been no difference if i would have just not payed the $10 and played for free"

Dan: "HAHAHAHA, damn dude you totally got flagshipped"
Ron: "I bought a game today i cant even play it because it keeps crashing, and even when its not crashing im getting really bad lag on my $10000 computer i just bought yesterday!"

Alan: "Flagshipped, hahahaha"
by Rompastompa January 04, 2008

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