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short nickname for Fitzgerald
people call me fitzy for short instead of my last name
by Shauna March 18, 2004
my best friend and is the funniest kid ever!
"wow FITZY is the best person ever!"
by doucey January 30, 2004
The sensual act of sucking on someones involves a little lip, a little teeth, and a lot of tounge.
Cord gives the best fitzys around.
by Anne and Jeannie January 03, 2004
Cool guy. TN's finest. Loves Three Six.
Person A: Do you know Fitzy?
by Tha Prez October 07, 2004
Short nickname for Fitzpatrick
My nickname is Fitzy, it's short for Fitzpatrick.
by fitzmasterfunk February 03, 2010
A little teeth, a little lip, and a lot of tongue. Its like a hickey yet more sophisticated and refined.
Ann-oying and I were talking about Justizzle and the fitzy.
by Bob May 09, 2004
The love of amandas life... shes seen his doodle
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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