See gusher
A woman that squirts large volumes when having an orgasm
by da fireman February 17, 2003
The act of vomiting and shitting at the same time, as a result of seeing or tasting something disgusting.
Her pussy smelled so fucking bad, I just did a fire hydrant right there.
by king bizzallz January 02, 2004
When your poop contains enough water to spray.

Also, a Cleveland Steamer gone horribly wrong.
Gah, just had a fire hydrant from that burrito yesterday. That skeezar waitress must have put something in it.
by Tray Graham March 25, 2005
Getting blood over your dick after rooting someone up the ass.
I was rooting that girl and got a fire hydrant last night.
by OldManSack February 07, 2012
fire hydrant: multiple meanings;
a) to use a penis enlarging pump to make your penis turn large,swollen and red to resemble a fire hydrant.
b) peeing on a red headed girl
"so i went to the sex store with lindsay lohan. needless to say, i had a double fire hydrant experience last night. freaky friday!"
by miguelacutty May 22, 2007

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