a replacement for "son" for the informed. In a formal situation, senator can be used.
wattap, SEN!?

Hello, sennnator.
(formal greeting)
by Jason Dresner October 28, 2005
Special Educational Needs. Branch of education in the UK that provides accomadations for pupils with disabilities, problems, and gifts. The American equivalent would be SPED (Special Education).
SEN ensures that that all people willing to learn will be provided fairly with an education.
by Amazing AO October 03, 2005
Slang word for 'saying'. Usually used by chavs and neds or just people that think they're hard.

Can be used by anyone.
Aiden: "what u sen"

Jantsy: "you hear about the fight at school the other day?"

Aiden: "eh? Nah"
by Potent Doobie style October 07, 2015
n. A jamaican woman with a rather large set of coconuts.
a. Often deflates herself, when feeling slightly horny
"wow...i feel rather SENsual"
by i am ze namelesseth June 09, 2004
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