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When you are attempting to urinate and a fart comes out.
While standing at the urinal Jared had a "finkle" which made the other patrons in the restroom laugh.
by Robert Sacamano September 26, 2013
Getting a handjob through your pants.
Kyle got a finkle because his chick was afraid of pubic hair.
by bedfo1mj February 19, 2008
To take such a big hit that you go into a quick coma in which you are unable to succesfully interact with another person. Usually takes place in Yakov Shimbergs basement. Quite a rare occasion but one that has been witnessed by many people. Side effects may include causing ditching of all other freinds and later feeling the need to show up because they are such good freinds. Perment effects include not giving rides at all even though they cared for him.
Tyrone: Yo that hit was so Big
Jim: Yeah man, hope he doesnt finkle like last time.
Tyrone: Yea we had to like check on him in the middle of the night because where so loyal to him
by Jon Feilds January 17, 2012
A Finkle sees the good in situations, always good at cheering people up, and likes to stir things up and makes things more interesting.
Eric is acting like a finkle.
by Eric Kelley September 12, 2003
To stalk; to become obsessed with; to be unnecessarily creepy or awkward in public or while socializing, like that one time when he texted you and said he 'lubbed' you; see creeper.
Zach and Finkle, together forever.
by I'm a troublemaker February 21, 2009
Finkle is a word that was created so we could cuss without getting in troulbe.

2. male/female Genitalia
OUCH! That hurt like a Finkle
by tjbasv April 20, 2009
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