1. Laces out. No laces in.

2. To change gender after experiencing an extremely embarrassing situation.
Fundo decided to finkle his sneakers after he tripped over his laces and fell on his medulla oblongata. He was angry.

After tripping on his laces in front of a crowd of four thousand three hundred ninety-seven people, Fundo decided to disappear via methods of finkling.
by authOOr August 24, 2006
finkle where your brain starts to hurt after thinking too hard like a brainfreeze
omg i just got a finkle headache
by martyn willson February 08, 2008
A word replacing any action that you don't want said.
I'm gonna finkle tonight. or Did you see him finkle that out of his mouth?
by Louisiana Baldy February 23, 2004
to slap someone on the back, with ur hand clasped. making a hollow sound when doing it.
george gave eisha and ms. bates a finkle. ahaha lol
by eisha October 16, 2005
The wrinkles you get when you've had a bath for a long time, or just have been in the pool for a while.
Oh damn. I've been in the pool too long and got finkles!
by word maker 5000 June 01, 2015

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