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The story of a handicapped boy, Nemo, who's mother and siblings were brutally murdered in front of their home.
On his first day of school, he is abducted by a masked man and is held prisoner in a dentist's office.
The story chronicles his father's journey to find him and his attempts at escape...

...as portrayed by animated fish.
Finding Nemo is arguably Disney's most maturely written film.
by SlaveToMemory June 24, 2007
408 101
A male rite of passage; to locate the clitorus.
"Sally, my boyfriend's terrible in the sack."
"Betty, he's only 11- he's probably needs help finding nemo."
by Troupster July 10, 2003
391 208
A clever and entertaining feature length cartoon made by Pixar and marketed by Disney.
For a long time, "Finding Nemo" had 100% positive reviews on rottentomatoes.com
by christoxo November 20, 2003
220 122
A movie made by Disney/Pixar.
I am going to watch Finding Nemo.
by Dougizzle fo' Shizzle July 07, 2003
113 82
The unpleasant act of feeling a piece of poop inside of someone while fingering his or her asshole.
She even let me finger her ass, although I ended up finding nemo so it was a little gross.
by Michael Tinks February 03, 2008
82 83
Cumming inside a girl and then trying to scoop out your little fishys with your fingers
"yo bro i came in my gf last night so I had to finding nemo her"

"good save bro"
by Trippyhits October 16, 2012
13 19
1. the best Pixar movie to date
2. euphemism for smoking marijuna
"yo niggah i was findin nemo last night and this shark ass niggah comed up to me and was tryin to bite on mah shit"
by shark ass niggah July 07, 2003
57 63