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A woman's genitals, namely because fisting her is like reaching into a cookie jar.
Ooh, busted. He got his hands caught in her cookie jar.
by Corban March 05, 2005
524 105
n. F.G term for the vagina.
She got pissed when he stuck his roagie in her cookie-jar.
by Rolls May 29, 2005
12 7
adj. An attractive young lady who is not intelligent, alluding to the idea that a cookiejar can be pretty, but is ultimately empty of anything of substance.
-Dude, did you see that blonde, she's a bombshell!

-Yea, man, but she's a total cookiejar.
by Brian Ritchie May 06, 2007
9 5
A jar more purposeful than pretty yielding confectionery, cakes and other reltaed items of interest.
The cookiejar's ajar, just help yourself.
by Hercolena Oliver October 27, 2008
4 6
Las Vegas slang for bootyhole or anus.
Get yo hands out my cookie jar!
by stephen and patrick August 21, 2006
132 184
aka "cj", "cookie"

a man who allows his French food obsessed girlfriend to insert cookies into his anus as a form of intimacy and/or as a way to induce a bowel movement
I love Kwitchee so much, I think I'll be her cookie jar tonight. Who knows, it might even help me poop more than once a week.
by kwitchee March 06, 2010
26 87
when a woman is crawling with STD's, literally not even worth a poke.
OMG dude her cookie jar is filthy.
by meg meg meg meg June 28, 2009
22 105