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Lying on one's side next to a partner, effectively rendering the arm that you are lying on useless.
"I was finger-bangin' Jane last night but I couldn't get my arm under the pillow in time so I was all nemo'd and shit."
by Rlolf Harris October 20, 2009
A nerd who dresses like an emo and is odd.
That guy with the black coat and gameboy colour is a nemod.
by THE FIRST OTANEMOD!!!!!!!1 January 10, 2009
an extremely screwed up person. In some cases a retard. You call someone it as an insult if they aren't retarted but act like they are. You call someone it as a classification if they truly are retarded
1) John (who is acting like a retard): Haha man look at me !!
YOU: Wow John you are a fricken nemod

2) Bobby (actually a retarded man): Haha sdnusdncn
YOU: Oh kids, don't laugh - he's nemoded (or a nemod).
by T-REV ya heard July 06, 2006