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verb. The act of "liking" somebody for a short amount of time in order to get them attached to you and then disappearing completely thus breaking their heart. This act is commonly displayed multiple times a week to victims who tend to find out about each other anyway. It is considered a form of manipulation towards sweet and innocent victims.
GUY: "Hey girl, I haven't seen you since the last time we hung out? Do you still like me?"
GIRL: " yea a little bit.. I'm just dealing with some personal issues so I don't think this will work out between us."
GUY: "Did I really just get fidged?"
#playa #flavor of the week #slut #girl #pimp
by racky fidge December 16, 2009
An awesome person, bro. One that always succeeds at everything, no matter hoe poorly they try.
Man, that guy is such a fidge. He gets A's, has the hottest girlfriend, AND he's linebacker for the school team!
#success #lucky #lazy #awesome #bro
by freddi~ January 10, 2010
The nickname of a person who wiggles their toes...moves their feet... twiddles their thumbs...and basically cant sit still :) oh..and hates their feet tickled.
"even in her sleep she would fidge"
#fidget #twiddle #wiggle #wobble #wacky
by funny_man June 07, 2009
Fidging is the taking of free samples of fudge on a regular basis with no intention of buying.
"I'm off fidging later from the Fudge Kitchen"
by David October 23, 2004
The sludge that occurs when one farts and gets blowback in the upper part of the crack.
"Dude you gotta do something, earlier when we were on the court and you charged that lane some of your fidge got on my jersey..."
#poop #shit #fart #ass #dookie
by Tinklebritches February 22, 2009
to procure by way of deception
Girl #1: Johnny is so cool. Last night he took me to this totally A List party full of celebrities!

Girl #2: C'mon already - buy a vowel if you're clueless. He's probably their dogwalker. He fidged the invite, stupid.
by happiegrrrl February 07, 2004
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