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Guitar company that creates guitars with a noun prefix attached to a verb.
That StratoSonic is cool!
by Flibby August 28, 2003
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a guitar company that makes sweet guitars and basses
i just got a p-bass and a stratocaster
by skippy October 01, 2003
Best guitars ever made in my opinion.
I had a Fender Guitar and a Fender Bass.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
A classic guitar company.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
A guitar company that was started in 1946 by Leo Fender. Fender is mainly noticable for their Stratocasters, also called Strats.
I'm gonna get a Fender Strat just like Eric Clapton's.
by Modern Guitarist August 02, 2006
A well established golf habit which is to utter a phrase either before or after a player hits a golf shot that will inevitably cause the golf ball struck to not go in the desired location.

Fendering (verb) Saying something to an opponent's golf ball to prevent it from going where it was going to go before the phrase was uttered.
Please do not Fender me by saying nice putt before my golf ball was about to go in the hole.

You have been Fendering me all day and I am sick of it.

poor sportsmanship evil act jinx mentally wish a putt to lip out physically change a balls intended path by words
by LOGBSMTA May 31, 2014
1: Noun: The bumper of old cars and low riders.

2: Noun: A company that makes awesome guitars and basses, such as telecasters, stratocasters, and much much more.

3: Adjective: Synonym for awesome
1: Looks like the fender got pretty beat up in that crash.

2: Bob: I just got a fender guitar.
Jeff: Looks pretty shitty.
Bob: ... (watches silently as god smites jeff with a bolt of lightning.)

3: Max: Blacklights are fender.
Bob: Your stoned.
by MoheakanMidgit August 22, 2007
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