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The woman is on top during sex. Possibly THE greatest sexual position.
by 1001 October 09, 2003
1. A person who plays a musical instrument, composes, or conducts music as a profession.

2. Some people say that calling yourself a "musician" is just an excuse for not having a real job, which is bullshit. This somehow doesn't apply to people who play on professional sports teams.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
1. The act that men without boyfriends/girlfriends do. Any self-respecting woman would never bring herself into doing cyber sex.

2. Like phone sex, but you type instead of talk. It's real pathetic, but hilarious at the same time. The "woman" is usually a man. 95% of the time, the "woman" will reveal herself to be a man at the end of cyber sex, which in turn REALLY pisses the other guy off, resulting in death threats and vows to kill the guy's family.
by 1001 October 13, 2003
A classic guitar company.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
1. People who feel it is their need to pop out as many children as they can, even if they don't have the money to do so. People who actually work for a living are generally the ones who pay for their little sprogs. They also try to claim that it is selfish to NOT want children! Needless to say, they are not very bright.

2. They are usually pro-life people.
by 1001 October 11, 2003
Working to make a living. Something that most people on the internet do not have.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
A way of changing someone's work to make it so nobody is "offended" by it. Censorship terminates "swearing", violence, sex, and other things that people see everyday. Censorship goes against a person's right to free speech, so do NOT support it! Censorship also totally disrespects the person who wrote it.
by 1001 October 09, 2003
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