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Quite possibly the dirtiest old man in the world. 60 Years Old and Still banging 22 Year olds. Also guitarist alongside the human drug lab (AKA Keith Richards) for The Rolling Stones. Ex member of The Faces with Rod Stewart. Also has the most awesomest fucking hair you've ever seen. The man who most men would turn gay for.
1. Holy shit! That old bastard's pulling chicks like he's Ronnie Wood!

2. He plays that guitar like Ronnie Wood!

3. He's a Ronnie Wood.

4. OMFG!!!! It's Ronnie Wood. Oh, wait it's just a guy with awesome hair.

5. Hairstyle, The Ronnie Wood.

6. Man 1; "I would so turn gay for Ronnie Wood."

Man 2; "What do you mean turn gay?."
by Reverend Fatboy December 13, 2009
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